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Interested in Online Professional Development for Implementing Student Research?

Registration for Self-Paced Online Professional Development now Open!

If you are a teacher who is interested in developing an entire course dedicated to student research, or adding a research component to an existing course, but don't know how to begin, author of the STEM Student Handbook is offering a self-paced, online workshop to help you meet your goals.

Reasons you should take this workshop:
  • The author of the "STEM Student Handbook" supports you in the development of a student research curricular plan. You'll receive feedback and tips to improve your curriculum implementation ideas.
  • Interaction with the author, Darci is in the form of asynchronous methods such as videos, threaded discussions, feedback on assignments; but also synchronous methods as well, in Skype or Google chat calls. 
  • You'll receive tips by watching interviews of teachers who have implemented student research.
  • You'll get student project ideas  (photos, sample proposals etc.)
  • Watch interviews with students about their experiences at different stages of the research process.
  • Learn behind-the-scenes stories about author's experiences teaching research.
  • Author discusses and expands on topics within the chapters in videos you can watch at your leisure.
  • Once you have access to the workshop, you will not be removed. Therefore, you will benefit from any resources added in the future.
  • You can choose to interact with other teachers who are currently taking, or have taken the workshop. This networking will provide you with lessons (I encourage everyone to post a lesson that they will use in their research unit), ideas, tips, and friendly feedback and moral support.
With the busy life of teachers, my online workshop allows you to complete the workshop at your own pace. It is designed to be completed in 4 weeks  but, you can complete it as you have time. There is interaction with other teachers if you so choose, and the main assignment of the workshop, is to develop a curricular plan for how you will implement student research. You will receive feedback from me as well as other who are taking the workshop.   

Registration is now open! If you you'd like to take the workshop and finish by August 30th, please register and begin the workshop by Thursday August 2.

This Prezi is one I used to advertise a graduate course earlier in the year. [Note:  the graduate credit course is not being offered this fall. And the online workshop is NOT for graduate credit, only professional development.]

Workshop overview: This course provides teachers the opportunity to 1) experience aspects of the research process, 2) design a plan for how student research could be added to their curriculum, and to 3) collaborate with other teachers on topics important to student research.

Course Goals:
As a result of course participation, teachers will:
  • discuss the issues surrounding student research projects
  • create a curriculum plan that includes student research
  • plan activities to introduce students to the various stages of the research process
  • collect and organize resources that support the literacy aspects of facilitating and assessing student research
  • describe how technology can best be used with their students
  • write a research proposal and learn how to best assess STEM proposals
  • learn ways to incorporate technology resources into the classroom.

Payment for these workshops can be made below. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to opening pages of the online course. A week before the course begins, you will be emailed the password that will give you full access. If you have any questions about this online workshop, please email me at: drdjharland[at]gmail[dot]com. 

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